What is the Difference Between a Genset and an Engine?


The purpose of both gensets and engines is to convert energy from one form to another. 

However, the working of this two important equipment is rather different. If you plan to rent an engine or a genet from a heavy equipment rental service provider in Malaysia, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the differences between the two so that you can make the right decision.

The primary difference is that engines produce mechanical energy while generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators are often called gensets or engine-generators. 

Let’s discuss these two very important machines, one by one.

What is an Engine?

The term ‘engine’ is a general term. It is typically used to denote a machine that gives out mechanical energy. The initial energy is typically provided in the form of chemical energy through fuel. However, specific engines also exist. For instance, a heat engine that is capable of turning thermal energy into mechanical energy.

Every engine has a different working principle depending on its size and type. Heat engines, for example, use a working fluid that provides thermal energy to the engine and finally turn it into mechanical energy. 

Similarly, an internal combustion engine uses petrol or diesel.
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What is a Genset?

Unlike the engines that convert energy in different forms into mechanical energy, the purpose of a genset is to convert heat capacity into mechanical energy, and then finally into electrical energy. A motor and an alternator are two of the essential components of a genset.

Gensets are typically used in developing areas where an uninterrupted line of power is not available. Similarly, in places where power outages are common, a genset is much needed. Moreover, businesses that cannot afford to lose power (for instance, a data centre) also have gensets on standby. 

In fact, gensets are highly versatile because they can be used as the main source of energy or as an additional power source during peak hours.


The Working of a Genset

The working of a genset is quite easy to understand. It comes into action when the engine is combusted with the help of an alternator. Moreover, it allows users to use fuel for their choices like diesel, gasoline, gas, and others. 

However, such specifications can vary greatly in different models of the gensets. Therefore, for businesses that operate locally, it is always a good idea to get complete information from the genset rental service provider in Malaysia before renting a generator.

The manufacturing and production industry often consider gensets to be an essential part of a project because gensets are much needed at places where power outages are common. 

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Parts of a Genset

The following are the essential parts of a genset that allow it to convert energy from mechanical into electrical:

  • Alternator: A suitable alternator can only be selected after you are completely aware of your goals and objectives. Generally, an alternator must be of high-quality and capable of handling load.

  • An engine is also a part of the gensets. It enhances the overall performance and productivity of the gensets. Furthermore, along with optimum performance, such equipment must be safe and secure for they have to meet certain regulations and requirements set by the authorities concerned.

  • A soundproof cabin is included in a genset. It is typically made from aluminium or steel to enhance the efficiency of the airflow and keep the engine cool when needed.

  • The automatic transfer switch acts as a link between the main source and secondary source. It gets on if the main source is unable to provide a continuous supply of energy.

  • The control panel is the primary part of the gensets that monitors and protects its functions.

The Bottom Line

Both gensets and engines are important because they serve two different purposes. An engine is used to convert energy in different forms into mechanical energy. On the other hand, generators are used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. 

When renting this equipment it’s important to thoroughly check on the specifications to ensure they meet your requirements. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.