8 Types of Heavy Equipment Used In Construction


Heavy equipment (also known as heavy machinery) are heavy-duty vehicles specially designed for carrying out construction tasks.

From lifting objects to drilling surfaces and making fine finishing details, these powerful tools can get the job done efficiently. Using the right equipment for your construction project helps to ensure safety, improve quality, and increase efficiency.

Some heavy equipment is used for specific tasks, while others have multiple uses. Therefore, it is important to learn about the heavy equipment and their functions.

In this blog post, we are pleased to discuss 8 different types of heavy equipment commonly used for construction purposes.

1. Hydraulic Mobile Cranes

hydraulic mobile crane is commonly used for lifting operations, particularly for general engineering projects, at locations such as ports, bridges, construction sites, mine, oilfields, etc.

Hydraulic Mobile Crane
Crawler Crane

2. Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes perform two functions:

  • Lift and lower materials
  • Transport the materials horizontally

The mode of operation of the crawler crane is simple. It uses one or more simple machines to create a mechanical advantage, which in turn enables it to move heavier loads beyond human capability.

Crawler cranes are equipped with a hoist rope, chains or wire ropes, and sheaves.

Since it is mainly used for lifting and moving heavy objects to other places, it is usually used in the engineering and construction sectors:
• the manufacturing industry for the assembly of heavy equipment
• the transport industry for freight loading and unloading
• the construction industry to move the materials

3. Lorry Cranes

If you are looking for equipment that can load and unload vehicles and trucks, then a lorry crane is your best choice.

It comprises rope winch, crane fork, rotator, and gripper, all of which contribute support in expanding the loading crane’s field of application giving it a mechanical advantage to carry out its task.

Also known as truck cranes, lorry cranes are operator-friendly and cost-efficient.

Lorry Crane
a group of Generator Set stacking each other

This equipment is responsible for converting existing mechanical energy into electrical energy needed for the rotation of the shaft.

Its mode of operation is simple. As the magnetic field strength oscillates due to the transformation and conversion of electromagnetic induction, voltage induction at the terminals is generated.

5. Forklifts

The forklift equipment is used to transport (loading and unloading) heavy materials or packages within a short distance. It is capable of moving objects and materials both horizontally and vertically.

Like most vehicles, forklifts have a steering wheel and dashboard controls. They are commonly used in warehouses. There are 10 main forklift types, each performing different tasks.


6. Excavators

Excavators are often seen at construction sites. Excavators serve general purposes such as demolition, heavy lifting, digging and crushing of materials, river dredging, etc.

It consists of a long metal shovel and a cabinet for digging and performing machine operation. The driver’s cabin arrangement is set on a rotating platform up to 360 degree which eases the operation and makes the machine more manoeuvrable.

Excavators are available in both tracked and wheeled forms of vehicles but they should not be confused with power shovels as both are quite different.

7. Boomlifts

Boomlifts are used for aerial work platforms such as carrying frames for window glass installation.

Moreover, boomlifts can be used as compressed air connectors for power tools.

Underbridge units are also available to lift operators to a work area.


8. Skylifts

This heavy equipment is equipped with all the essential features required for a perfect aerial work platform.

Its compact design makes the aerial work easier and more efficient while the addition of the telescopic cage boom increases the working load. 

The Bottom Line

Heavy construction equipment are used for various purposes. It is commonly used in large projects to make the construction process faster, easier, and efficient. Choosing the right heavy construction equipment is vital to achieving success in your projects.

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