5 Heavy Equipment Renting Tips


Most construction companies and contractors rely on renting heavy equipment for construction projects because they are much more cost-efficient than buying new machinery. 

The is due to the fact that, renting reduces maintenance costs, along with eliminating insurance and transportation charges.  

However, for many reasons, a vast number of companies find it difficult to find suitable heavy equipment rental companies in Malaysia, such as complex construction projects or lack of suitable machinery. 

To make the best choices and rent heavy machinery easily here are the top five tips that you should keep in mind during the renting process.


Tip # 1 – Customer Service

The most important thing about renting heavy machinery is finding the best construction machinery rental in Malaysia. Many different companies rent out such machinery. 

To make the best choice, research and compare all essential information about different rental companies. Various methods can be used to research these companies: social media accounts, online reviews and general word-of-mouth are some very efficient methods of evaluating the quality of customer services.


You also have to evaluate your own requirements in this step and ask the right questions. For instance, if your construction project is time-sensitive, and you might need maintenance services 24/7, you must make it clear to the rental company. 

Similarly, you must be familiar with the overall working hours, any extra maintenance charges and the rental company’s protocols for fault detection and repairing heavy machinery.


Tip # 2 – Training Services

Using heavy machinery accurately is one of the biggest challenges faced by construction companies. Even if a company has experienced and qualified employees, it can never be sure if its employees will be able to handle state-of-the-art heavy equipment. 

To avoid this serious issue, you should choose a construction machinery rental company that also provides training services. This means that the rental company should provide sufficient training and guidelines to the constructors to safely and efficiently use the equipment. 

Without properly using the equipment, the whole project could be in danger. Hence, it is very important to retain a good training program for using heavy machinery.


Tip # 3 – Compare Maintenance Plans

Many rental companies have extremely different maintenance plans; hence, it is important to compare these plans and choose the best one for your task. 

Regular maintenance of heavy machinery is required to ensure the best and most reliable results. Another advantage of renting construction machinery is that you will not have to pay for extensive maintenance and/or repair of any equipment.


Tip # 4 – Availability

Construction is highly unpredictable, and even with careful planning and requirements, a project might require heavy machinery more than expected. 

In such a situation, heavy equipment rental companies in Malaysia that have a low downtime will be most suitable for your work. Simply, this means that you will be able to get the machines you want when there is a sudden need. 

A rental company should offer a flexible contract; hence, you should consider whether or not the rental company will be able to provide you with heavy equipment – whenever you need them – and their usage is sufficiently flexible to meet your requirements. 


Tip # 5 – Location

Contractors should hire a rental company that is close to the construction site. This can ensure equipment delivery is done in the shortest time possible. 

Moreover, if there is an issue with a machine, you will be able to easily contact the rental company, which will, in turn, save a lot of time and energy. If there are any transportation charges included in your contract with the rental company, they will be dramatically reduced.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, renting heavy equipment and construction machinery is a great option for contractors compared to spending a massive amount on buying and maintaining them. 

Before renting heavy construction equipment in Malaysia, it’s a good idea to research the rental companies, read the reviews, and ask them all about the maintenance routine, training service, payment detail, and return policy. 

Furthermore, ensure that the rental company is located close to your construction site for convenience. By following these tips and asking the rental company the right questions, the entire process will be smooth and easy.  

For more information about renting heavy machinery, feel free to get in touch with us.