8 Advantages of Using Crawler Crane

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Cranes are essential equipment in construction, transportation, manufacturing and many other industries. There are various types of cranes to fulfil different functions in various industries. Crawler cranes, however, are a very versatile type of crane that are used in many industries, including construction.

A crawler crane may be defined as a vehicle that has an attached crane system. Telescopic booms are used to design the crawlers, which can conduct different kinds of tasks with all types of soil and can easily be operated on rough and uneven surfaces in harsh weather conditions.


Following are the top eight advantages of using a crawler crane:

1. Difficult Terrains

If you are working on a site that has challenging terrain, you should consider crawler crane rental services. 

Such types of cranes move using treads – not wheels; hence, they are well-equipped to perform their work in challenging surfaces, unpaved areas and difficult landscapes.

2. Manage Heavy Loads

A significant advantage of using a crawler crane is that it can easily handle up to 3,500 tons of weight.

That is the reason why most constructors prefer mobile cranes to move heavy material from one location to another. It is important to note a crawler crane must be dismantled to be transported to the worksite through a truck or rail.

3. Safety

Operating heavy machinery can be a very challenging task. There are a lot of risks associated with such machines. In terms of safety, the crawler crane is very safe and secure because it consists of safety operations for the proper functioning of the equipment.

It includes many other types of turnover protections, safety alarms and safety measures installed with the help of complex technology that reduces the risk of crane tipping.

4. Eco-friendly

Crawler cranes are eco-friendly because they have a smooth and clean working procedure and do not make any unnecessary noise. Moreover, they have a very controlled functionality that facilitates the entire process.

Other features of the crawler crane include the capability of moving 360 degrees, making it suitable for various applications.

5. Renting is Cost-Effective

A crawler crane is a heavy equipment that costs a lot of money if you choose to buy this machine. However, you should contact a crawler crane rental service provider to save money as well as maintenance charges.

When you rent a crawler crane, it is the rental service provider’s responsibility to provide the best available services and ensure the crane is working properly.

As a result, it will save you a lot of time and money, as you will not have to bear the expenses of buying an entire crane, training its operator and insuring it.

Instead, an efficient crawler crane rental service will take care of these things and safely deliver the crane to your work site.

6. Limited Spaces

If you want to lift objects in a very restricted space, you should consider getting a mobile crawler crane.

It can perform complex work and lift objects in confined spaces where other cranes are not usually beneficial. 

You can also use a crawler crane for lifting purposes in the most difficult circumstances.

The spider leg design of the crane makes it suitable for lifting – regardless of the amount of space available.

7. Stability

Stability is one of the most crucial aspects of any type of crane. 

Crawler cranes are very stable because they need a minimum set-up that allows them to be used on even the most challenging terrains and achieve the desired results with optimum performance.

8. Versatility

Mobile cranes’ applications are not only limited to the construction industry; instead, they are used by many industries, including manufacturing and production. 

Therefore, a crawler crane is highly beneficial because it can fulfil many different purposes.

The Bottom Line

The eight advantages discussed above are some of the many benefits provided by crawler cranes. There is no doubt about the fact crawler cranes are one of the most reliable and efficient options when it comes to choosing a suitable crane that can serve multiple purposes on a construction site – even those that have rough and difficult terrain.

Furthermore, the stability and eco-friendly design of crawler cranes have played a huge role in popularizing them as effective equipment for moving heavy objects in manufacturing and processing factories.

For those who live locally, if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of a crawler crane, go for mobile crane rental service in Johor and avoid huge costs involved in buying the entire crane.